Blast Monitoring Services

Blast Monitoring Services

The simplest method to assess and document blasting damages in a structure are quality, detail driven pre-blast survey and documentation. The structure in question is thoroughly inspected immediately prior to blasting work being done. If any complaints of damages due to blasting are filed we may then conduct a post-blast survey. The two surveys are then compared to determine if there are cracks and fissures present after blasting that were not present before blasting. This information, along with monitoring data and records of any other local events, are valuable in determining property damage liability.

Pre-Blast Services

BECC Company conducts pre-blast surveys (PBS) that document conditions prior to blasting. The surveys are done in compliance with local, state, and federal guidelines, using state of the art video and photographic equipment. PBS video recordings of exteriors and interiors include room-by-room, wall-by-wall details and show any visible defects that exist before blasting begins. A PBS inspection establishes for the Property Owner and the Blasting Contractor a clear record of the condition of a property prior to the beginning of blasting. The inspection makes all parties aware of any existing damage or deterioration.
These documents are considered "confidential" and are kept in the vaults at BECC Co.  Materials included in the pre-blast survey are not public record and are not reviewed unless a property owner has reason to believe his property has been damaged by blasting. These documents can only be used if a valid blasting claim has been submitted to the blasting company. The documents can be used either by the blasting company's insurance company or by the structure owner's insurance company for resolution of said claim.


Using information gathered in our pre-blast survey, BECC Company provides first rate documentation in easy to read reports. Pictures taken during the survey will be provided in the form of an easy to view html document. These documents are often divided into sections arranged by street or proximity to the blast area.
Video from the pre-blast survey will also be provided in an easy to view format, usually as a movie file burned to DVD. Movie scenes are also arranged by street or proximity to the blast. Video does have commentary as our professionals point out important details of cracks, fissures and other pre-existing damage or structural weakness.

Vibration Monitoring

BECC Company provides a complete monitoring and analysis service. This service includes the monitoring of vibration levels at all necessary sensitive locations, control of vibration levels during the work period if necessary, analysis of vibration levels measured, complete report detailing levels of vibration monitored, wave traces and/or histograms of vibration at monitor stations, confirmation of compliance with necessary limits or regulations.
Additional services BECC Company offers include right-of-way preconstruction videos and well water testing.

Instantel Vibration Monitoring Equipment

We maintain a fleet of vibration monitoring equipment for vibration control, assessment and analysis. This equipment is suitable for many industrial applications including blasting activities, pile driving, compacting works, drilling equipment, etc. Much of this equipment is available for hire including vibration monitors and vibration alarms which are equipped with a beacon and siren that activates when vibration exceeds a set level. BECC Company is a certified reseller of Instantel equipment and can provide hands-on training in the use of all equipment and applicable software.