Forensic Analysis

Post Event Inspection

Post-event surveys are performed on a complaint-by-complaint basis. When BECC Company completes a post-construction survey, we return to the original structures that were previously inspected and perform the exact same survey for comparison purposes. The same type of final report is prepared once the survey has been completed. These surveys are typically used to verify that no damage has occurred, or if damage has occurred, to what extent.

Claim Resolution Report

Claim Resolution Reports include pictures and information from pre- and post-event inspections as well as any monitoring data gathered during the construction or blasting event. We also provide our expert analysis of the event and potential for structural damage, if any. We thoroughly examine all other possible causes such as severe weather, additional blasting or construction events, or any other factors that may have a bearing on the claim. We then provide our expert testimony and opinion of a claim's validity.

Here is a real life example where photographs taken by BECC Company show that the ceiling's damage existed before the blasting.


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