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About Instantel

Since 1982, Instantel, a division of Xmark Corporation and a member of The Stanley Works, has established a leadership position with best-of-class vibration monitoring equipment for the mining, construction and geotechnical markets. From specialized sensors and recording formats for unique monitoring challenges to real-time histogram data viewing to remove data collection over the internet, Instantel continues a history of innovation based on one single driving force – our customers.


Instantel Callibration Service

There are individuals and companies worldwide that are not certified by the manufacturer to perform seismograph calibration, yet continue to do so. It is in your best interest to have your seismograph calibrated by the specific manufacturer of their authorized agents.
The key factor is the integrity of the measured record if it is ever called up as evidence in a court of law. Using a manufacturer certified facility ensures that proper procedures are followed when calibrating your seismograph. This removed any uncertainty associated with the reliability and measurement accuracy of your rolex replica sale. Using unauthorized facilities may cause problems in court if the reference equipment is not traceable, or if the certification documents are incomplete. In some instances, unauthorized facilities have been found to calibrate equipment without ever updating the calibration date within the instrument. If an improper calibration date is printed on vibration records, it may call into question the validity of the report itself.
Also, if a seismograph does require repair, the manufacturer has the best experience and knowledge to find and fix the problem. They will also ensure that any replacement parts that are used meet the specifications for the equipment. Unauthorized facilities do not have access to test specifications, procedures or parts lists and some of the facilities may use substitute parts that do not meet the functional requirements. This can ultimately lead to inaccurate vibration levels being reported.